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Cellar tanking Hury

Are you looking to add extra space to your home with a cellar tanking service? At TDB Cumbria LTD, we specialise in top-notch cellar tanking and membrane systems in Hury. Cellar conversion is increasingly becoming popular among many homeowners who are seeking to transform their cellars into a valuable and useful part of their property. We strive to offer professional, reliable and cost-effective service geared towards your very specific requirements and needs. With years of experience in construction sector, we can effectively diagnose the presence of damp and any associated problems that may be affecting your property through a full cellar inspection service.

A cellar tanking service in Hury is what you need to make your home stand out from the rest. The process is a technique of cellar damp proofing that involves adding an impermeable waterproof layer to the cellar floor and walls to treat any cases of damp and keep the area dry. Unlike having an additional extension built, you don't have to worry about funding a brand new construction, as we can work with the existing structure. Your cellar space can easily be turned into leisure areas, with home cinemas, pool and table tennis rooms, home gym or even bedrooms and study areas for a more functional and fulfilling lifestyle.

Upon contact, our team of experts will arrive at your property promptly and get started on the site survey making sure to engage you at every step of the way. No job is too big or small for us to handle. Based on your specifications, we will provide full designs, draw up the plans for building regulation and planning Permission including structural calculations and advise on the best solutions for your requirements. We will then complete all work on your cellar conversion including waterproofing, flooring, heating systems and electrics. Our staff is familiar with using Oldroyd cavity drain membrane methods or Vandex cementitious methods and will often use a combination of both.

When waterproofing a cellar space, it is essential to get the fine details right to ensure a reliable and successful project. Unlike garage conversions, cellars are below ground and as such penetrating damp can be a problem due to higher exterior levels. You need to entrust the service of professionals who have what it takes to deliver high-quality work. Our skilled cellar tanking experts in Hury have extensive knowledge and experience in supplying and applying various tanking systems to eliminate penetrating damp problems to create a lasting, dry, livable space.

Contact TDB Cumbria LTD for all your cellar tanking needs in Hury. You can count on us to install suitable tanking systems to suit your needs to prevent damp and the ingress of water for a fully functional and habitable cellar.