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Damp proofing Kirkby Lonsdale

Best Damp Proofing Services with TDB Cumbria LTD

The intrusion of moisture from the outside the building, probably from rain penetration or rising damp leads to the presence of unwanted humidity in the room. The moisture could also be as a result of condensation of moisture within the house structure. This makes the place to be damp and uncomfortable to live in. This could also lead to damages to the building. It enhances the growth of fungi like moulds in the wood or makes the structure to rot. Paints and wallpapers are damaged. It also attracts pests like termites in your building. These are the damages it brings to the interior not to mention the exterior problems like the appearance of salt like stains on the walls.

Damp proofing Kirkby Lonsdale helps in resistance of any unwanted moisture to the house. TDB Cumbria LTD will help you achieve this. We are experts in services related to damp proofing. We take pride in being among the best damp proofing Kirkby Lonsdale service providers with our team of well trained and experienced experts. We aim at helping our client with all types of damp which include salt damp, mould or rot, rising and lateral damp just to mention a few. We also go an extra mile to help in preventing this problem from coming back. Our services include:

Damp roof course

This service involves the application of wallpaper especially on a stonework wall which is meant to resist dampness caused by moisture rising through the wall structure by the capillary process. It is therefore ideal for proofing your house against rising damp.

Damp proofing membrane

It is done by applying a polythene sheet under concrete lump preventing it from dampness caused by the capillary.

Pressure grouting

This is achieved by sticking of grout material in the building structure. The aim is to fill any gaps that could be allowing penetration of moisture from outside.

Integral damp proofing

This is among the most effective methods of preventing moisture from getting to the house. We add some additives into the concrete which in return makes the concrete impermeable and water cannot pass through unless it is under hydraulic pressure.

Cavity construction

The cavity is made by separating the interior and the exterior walls by a cavity or gap so that moisture from the outside cannot reach the interior wall thus it will not reach inside the house structure.

We also provide other solutions which include:

These are just a few of the service that we provide in management and prevention of dampness conditions. If you are in need of damp proofing Kirkby Lonsdale, do not hesitate to contact TDB Cumbria LTD. Damp proofing is vital as it is also a big step in preventing health hazards that could come from damp. Get your quote today and get started.